Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How not to treat a knife wound

(note: if you are not a blood person or if you are eating I don't suggest reading this)

I experienced first-hand last weekend a pretty (or not so pretty) severe knife wound. First let me explain: I was at a special boy scout camp (very secretive, so I can't tell you about it) I was supposed to whittle a necklace, and my brand new knife slipped on a notch in the wood
taking a large bit of meat with it. Now, I have a very high pain tolerance, so it didn't hurt quite as badly as it sounds. But I went to a medic none-the-less, who looked at it, realized he was out of antibiotics, so gauze it was. Now, just saying, if you don't have ointment, don't put gauze in a hole in someone's finger, 'cause then you have to pull it back off.

Anyway, about 6 hours later, the medic came back, ripped it off, and repeated the process. Same when I got home, but we put neosporin on it, and it is fine. Then we found out that cayenne pepper has healing properties. Now just a warning before you try that, cayenne pepper hurts, as in my-finger-is-on-fire kinda hurts! But it does stop bleeding, and it heals faster. Really though, what I'm trying to say is: don't cut your finger whittling, and if you do, have neosporin and cayenne pepper, and put it on the gauze or a cotton ball.

Yep, that's it. See ya next time.