Friday, June 15, 2012

what to do if you forgot your password for mac ipods iphones etc

If you are anything like me you have probably forgotten your iphone's password a couple of times and can't remember it to save your life.
When this happens the first thing you should do is wait a couple days(i know you need it NOW) but see if it will come back to you after a while if it doesn't here is what  to do.                    THIS WILL ERASE ANY DOWNLOADED DATA
 1 plug into itunes.
2 hold down home button and power button at the same time 
this will restart the iphone. 
3 when you see the apple sign let go of power button DO NOT let go of home button itunes will say it found an ipod in repair mode(aka restore mode)
4 after this press restore (it will be your only option) it will ask if you are sure press restore and update from here all thats left is to wait for it to load

      home                                   hope this helps