Thursday, September 27, 2012

The art of Parkour

Parkour is a french word it literally means " To get from here to there." So to do Parkour is to use a series of movements to get over an obstacle in a more efficient way than just walking around.(i.e:running up walls.) Parkour is not a sport as some people think, because there is no specific way to do Parkour and everyone has his own way. This makes Parkour an art,the art of Parkour.I was introduced to Parkour by my uncle. But if you who are reading this are interested go to YouTube and type in Parkour or David belle.

Short blog anyway when I get another idea I'll post.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

The three types of businessmen: the final post

The third, and final type of businessman is the type that genuinely tries to help you, but they get fired. Not the idiot manager from the last post. If one still has a job and you run into one occasionally an experience will go like this.

Mom: Hi, I'm looking for the washing machines.

Clerk: Aisle 16 - I recommend the whirlpool brand. They're reliable; I have one myself.

Mom: Ok, thanks.

Clerk: No problem.

At this point you go to find the washers, so you don't know this part.

Sound System: Clerk One to manager's office. Clerk One to manager's office. Thank you.

Clerk: You wanted to see me?

Manager: Yes, there have been rumors of theft in the office; someone said you stole some paper clips.

Meanwhile, in the background, there is the night time clerk stealing everything.

Clerk: I have not stolen anything.

Manager: Yes, well, if a suggestion tells me someone stole something, then I must take action.
So I'm afraid that I have to fire you. Goodbye.

And it all ends like that: the whole world seems to spin around the employee, and suddenly a year has gone by, and they're still unemployed. Meanwhile, the world is surrounded by idiots who have made it to the top because of a rumor and stupidity. 

See you guys next time with whatever my next post is


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The three types of businessmen part 2

The second type of businessmen is the type that's so busy trying for manager they don't even know you're there really. An experience with this type will end up like this:

Mom: Hello, I need-

Clerk: Hi, do you like it here? Notice how clean the floors are?
I cleaned them.

Mom: Yes, but I need-

Clerk: To see me as manager? Yes, that would be nice wouldn't it.
You know we have this handy suggestion box here. You should write it down. Thank you so

Mom: You know what-

Clerk: Get whatcha need? Yes? Ok, good. You come on back  sometime.

And once again, you come away with nothing. Meanwhile, this idiot gets promoted to manager, and is now in charge of the store. Great.

Anyway, I'll come back later with the third part to The Three Types of Businessman.

See ya!

Anyway I'll come back later with the final part to The three types of businessmen see ya  Maestro.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The three types of businessmen

While going to stores with my mom I have noticed three types of businessmen. The first is in this blog post: "I don't really care, I only pretend to so I don't get fired" type.

My mom has had a couple experiences with them, they usually go something like this:

Mom:   Hi. I was in your hardware store yesterday, and bought a hammer from you. You said there was a warranty on it; I want a refund, because the first five minutes in use it broke.
Salesman:   Well, I mean, for a replacement it's thirty dollars plus tax.
Mom:   It had a warranty that covers breaking during use.
Salesman:   Well, your warranty has probably expired.
Mom:   Didn't you hear me? I bought it yesterday! The warranty is still good for another year.
Salesman:   You know what ma'am, I can't help you I'm sorry.  
Mom:   Then I can't use your services. I'm sorry I won't be coming back.
Salesman:   Alrighty ma'am, have a good one; hope to see you again sometime.

It's like they never heard a word you said at all!
anyway I will be back with the second type soon see you guys later 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Running on the beach

Last Sunday at 4:30 a.m. my family, some friends, and I got up and drove an hour away to Virginia Beach. The reason? Our friends and my Dad were going to run the half-marathon (13 miles), and I was running 4 1/2 miles. As soon as we got to the start line, it became clear just how big this thing was.

With about sixteen THOUSAND other people running, plus spectators, they had to set up about twenty corrals. It looked fun, until we felt the heat! In corral thirteen it took about ten minutes to get started, and when we did I was already dehydrated. The miles went on and on; the humidity was horrible; finally the split-off came and we had 100 meters left.

Anyone who slowed down got a nudge, and a "don't give up now." I sprinted the last bit, hit the finish hard, and was rewarded with mist and ice cream and drinks and the OCEAN - the best part of the whole the event.  
(To give you an idea I can feel the heat just from writing this so I'm going to stop now!)