Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday to My Boy

There you are in the back in 2009
I'm hijacking your blog for the night. Yup, it's me: Mom. It is late and I still have a cake to make for you, but I really want to write this. You are turning 13 tomorrow and in truth, I'm stunned. How did we get here? So quickly from zero to 13, and so many days, and times, and events, and memories in between. The efforts I see you making, the times that you sit and mull over the questions life presents you with... you're so clever and smart. I'm blown away by the things you say sometimes. I'm blown away by you sometimes! And impressed. So impressed. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Cups and Balls Magic Trick

When I was four years old, my uncle showed me a basic coin vanish (vanish, pull coin out of ear etc) and after that I stayed in my room for about a month trying to make a coin disappear. (Unfortunately my mother was a tester for my trick while she was trying to make dinner.) After that I just kind of expanded from there. I bought some books, some little plastic kits and worked my way up.

So today I decided to show you my version of one of the most difficult sleight-of-hand tricks: the Cups and Balls.

The trick tends to work like this: the magician places a ball on an empty cup, he then vanishes the ball only to have it come back under the cup. Another way the trick is performed (my personal favorite) is that the ball is placed on an empty cup, and then smashed through with another cup. This is repeated several times, and then the magician does a big finish by producing a big object or all the balls in one cup or something like that. Another version is called the Chop Cup which is basically the same routine with one cup and one ball. 

Here is my version of the Cups and Balls.

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until next time Maestro