Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday to My Boy

There you are in the back in 2009
I'm hijacking your blog for the night. Yup, it's me: Mom. It is late and I still have a cake to make for you, but I really want to write this. You are turning 13 tomorrow and in truth, I'm stunned. How did we get here? So quickly from zero to 13, and so many days, and times, and events, and memories in between. The efforts I see you making, the times that you sit and mull over the questions life presents you with... you're so clever and smart. I'm blown away by the things you say sometimes. I'm blown away by you sometimes! And impressed. So impressed. 

Another from 2009 - computer lab at the home school group

What advice would I give you to keep close to your heart as you grow older? Read your Bible often; read classic books that will be edifying and uplifting. Volunteer to help others. Work hard and, sometimes, play hard. Keep balance in your life. Remember that "courtship" is different than "dating" (ha! Like you'll ever forget, eh? Hee hee. My job as "mom" is working.)

As much as I am impressed by your growth and the questions you ask, sometimes the other shoe falls and you are doubtful about things - and at those times, I'm not always sure of what to do. As Mom, I have had "all" of the answers for you when you've asked questions. You've always been a bit of a chatterbox and so you've asked hundreds (maybe thousands?) of questions over your lifespan - the easy questions and the hard - I've managed to find something to say about it. And so far, just looking at where you go with your own thoughts, Pop and I are doing okay.

2009 or 2010 - I have no idea what you were doing with the tongs, but it involved your brother. Lobster, perhaps?

But (as your dad points out) "we can't be complacent". We can't stop learning and studying to try to make sure that we're still giving you the best answers that we can; really, we can't stop asking the hard questions ourselves. You're a smart cookie though, and the questions are getting harder. I can't answer them as quickly any more. I have to think about it and sometimes refer you to someone else. I am more and more often trying to make sure that there are good mentors in your path - good male mentors. 

There is nothing wrong with female mentors, after all, one day a wife will be your closest companion and, ideally, the one you turn to when you have deeper things to consider, the Questions of Life. But one of the things that our society has done is to make men feel like there is something wrong with having a male friend with whom you have an ability to talk to on a deeper level. Our society has made us think that such a friendship between men is "effeminate." But here's the tricky thing: regardless of what society wants us to think, such a friendship between men can be necessary for good mental health.

2010 - My oldest... and my (current) youngest (Fifth) I like how he is warily eyeing you!

Men see things differently than women. It's something we don't often want to admit, but it is true. And so answers that a male friend gives you, if you continue to surround yourself with friends who are true enough to give it to you straight, you'll do well and probably have a pretty happy life. I am trying to help you see what type of men might be good mentors, men that might be good to have in your life, regardless of what stage of life you're in. In my own life, Beth and Santha act as good mentors for me. You've heard me talk about times when they have told me something out of love and truth and even if I don't like it, I know they wouldn't tell me about it unless it was true. 

Early 2012 (no braces - yay!)

You have seen men who are good examples in your Boy Scout troop 306 in Catonsville. Mr. Mike, Don, Jeff, Paul, Marquis, etc., are good men. The way you boys responded to them in the troop showed that you also recognized that they care about you and will shoot straight with you. Look for that friend to keep in your life as you grow farther away from Mom and Pop. And then remember that we are here to guide and love you too. We also are here to be mentors to you and will shoot straight with you. Be careful of your heart, of your mind. Guard them well. 

Trying out a new look in September, 2012 - Lookin' good!

Know above and beyond everything that you are special. You will achieve whatever you want to achieve if you keep working for it. You may not always get what you want "right. now." but if you keep at it, you will be successful at the things you try to do. I believe that. 

Right now, at 13 years, Magic is the theme of life. I'm happy with that.
I have watched you grow and I am so proud of you. Beyond everything, your dad and I, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, Beth, Santha, the adults that we've put in your path love you every bit as much now - and more - than the day you were born. You've heard the story of the day you were born. It's on my blog already. Thank you for every moment, both good and stressful. You are a joy and have always been. You are

A Blessing.

I Love you every day and every moment,

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