Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The three types of businessmen part 2

The second type of businessmen is the type that's so busy trying for manager they don't even know you're there really. An experience with this type will end up like this:

Mom: Hello, I need-

Clerk: Hi, do you like it here? Notice how clean the floors are?
I cleaned them.

Mom: Yes, but I need-

Clerk: To see me as manager? Yes, that would be nice wouldn't it.
You know we have this handy suggestion box here. You should write it down. Thank you so

Mom: You know what-

Clerk: Get whatcha need? Yes? Ok, good. You come on back  sometime.

And once again, you come away with nothing. Meanwhile, this idiot gets promoted to manager, and is now in charge of the store. Great.

Anyway, I'll come back later with the third part to The Three Types of Businessman.

See ya!

Anyway I'll come back later with the final part to The three types of businessmen see ya  Maestro.


  1. This is when you start writing letters to the head office, or making phone calls! I did that with a Wal-Mart here and it worked. Eventually.

  2. Very true - and something I tend not to use as much as I should. Reminds me that I need to write one about the last hotel we stayed in!