Thursday, September 13, 2012

The three types of businessmen

While going to stores with my mom I have noticed three types of businessmen. The first is in this blog post: "I don't really care, I only pretend to so I don't get fired" type.

My mom has had a couple experiences with them, they usually go something like this:

Mom:   Hi. I was in your hardware store yesterday, and bought a hammer from you. You said there was a warranty on it; I want a refund, because the first five minutes in use it broke.
Salesman:   Well, I mean, for a replacement it's thirty dollars plus tax.
Mom:   It had a warranty that covers breaking during use.
Salesman:   Well, your warranty has probably expired.
Mom:   Didn't you hear me? I bought it yesterday! The warranty is still good for another year.
Salesman:   You know what ma'am, I can't help you I'm sorry.  
Mom:   Then I can't use your services. I'm sorry I won't be coming back.
Salesman:   Alrighty ma'am, have a good one; hope to see you again sometime.

It's like they never heard a word you said at all!
anyway I will be back with the second type soon see you guys later 


  1. Perhaps she could have applied the hammer to his big toe.

  2. I have been enjoying your blogs. You are a good writer. I was wondering why you choose the topic of the three types of businessmen. Are you interested in pursuing this type of work when you are older or are you more artistically inclined like your father was when he was twelve? You see, I knew your father very well when he was your age. He was, and still is, a gifted artist. And he always had his head in a book.

    1. I do enjoy a good book. And I suppose I just chose the topic as an observation.