Saturday, September 22, 2012

The three types of businessmen: the final post

The third, and final type of businessman is the type that genuinely tries to help you, but they get fired. Not the idiot manager from the last post. If one still has a job and you run into one occasionally an experience will go like this.

Mom: Hi, I'm looking for the washing machines.

Clerk: Aisle 16 - I recommend the whirlpool brand. They're reliable; I have one myself.

Mom: Ok, thanks.

Clerk: No problem.

At this point you go to find the washers, so you don't know this part.

Sound System: Clerk One to manager's office. Clerk One to manager's office. Thank you.

Clerk: You wanted to see me?

Manager: Yes, there have been rumors of theft in the office; someone said you stole some paper clips.

Meanwhile, in the background, there is the night time clerk stealing everything.

Clerk: I have not stolen anything.

Manager: Yes, well, if a suggestion tells me someone stole something, then I must take action.
So I'm afraid that I have to fire you. Goodbye.

And it all ends like that: the whole world seems to spin around the employee, and suddenly a year has gone by, and they're still unemployed. Meanwhile, the world is surrounded by idiots who have made it to the top because of a rumor and stupidity. 

See you guys next time with whatever my next post is


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